Friday, May 3, 2013

Meet Hannah of Sweets and Celebrations!

I am beyond excited to introduce you to my dear friend, and fellow blogger, Hannah of Sweets and Celebrations!  Hannah and I grew up together in Southern California, and I have always admired her class, beauty, and incredible talent!  Hannah works as a high-end interior designer,  but she also has a passion for creating fabulous desserts and stylish parties!  I find myself constantly amazed by her gorgeous dessert tables and creative cake pops (i.e. bumble bees for the "mom to bee"-how cute!)  

I know you are going to fall in love with Hannah and her blog, so read on to get to know her a little bit better! 

-How has your background in interior designer influenced your party styling? 

I have always been an extremely visual person so I'm constantly looking for design inspiration all around me.  One of my very favorite things to do is browse fabric showrooms and discover new color schemes and patterns.  Through my background in interior design, I understand and appreciate color theory and composition so I'm aware of combinations that are sure to stand out.  I start every room I design with a fabric scheme and likewise, most of my parties are inspired by pattern and color.  I know that a dessert bar looks best with vessels of varying heights and sizes and I know how to arrange a balanced table through my experience with interior design arrangement.  Although it might not seem like interior design and party styling go hand in hand, to me, they're practically interchangeable and I love them both!  

-Sweets & Celebrations is all about "sweet things", do you have a sweet tooth?

I absolutely have a sweet tooth!  The funny thing though, is that I tend to not eat my own desserts because I feel like I'm wasting them.  I'd rather share them with friends, family, and customers!  Of course I taste my recipes as I bake in order to ensure that the flavorings are flawless but I don't usually indulge in my own creations.  When I do, however, my favorites are my maple chocolate chip cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, and my mini chocolate raspberry tart.  Another favorite is my newest cake pop flavor, chocolate hazelnut!  I absolutely adore that combination and dream about going back to Italy solely for their unparalleled chocolate hazelnut gelato.

-Cinco De Mayo is coming up, what desserts would you make for a Mexican themed party?

When I think of Cinco De Mayo, I think of bright, bold colors and flavors.  I would make some classic Mexican desserts for a Cinco De Mayo party like churros, dulce de leche or tres leches cake, and flan.  I would also do some fun twists on Mexican food and drink like a margarita granita, Mexican hot chocolate (made with cinnamon and hot chile!) and maybe tequila infused cake pops!  Whatever desserts I'd make would definitely be adorned in fun colors.  And of course, the success of any party is in the details so there would be tons of special touches relating to Cinco De Mayo.

-What advice would you give to a twenty-something year old decorating her home on a budget?

There are so many amazing DIY decor ideas that can truly make a budget-friendly home look like a showcase house.  I love repurposing and restoring vintage or old pieces of furniture.  A couple coats of paint and new knobs can do wonders to an old dresser!  Reupholstering a chair is another inexpensive, big impact design trick.  Art can be costly but there are tons of alternatives that people don't often think of when decorating a home.  Framing elements like wallpaper panels or fabric collages is an inexpensive way to add color, pattern, and texture to a space.  Creating a gallery wall with your own architectural or natural photos is another great alternative to a gallery-bought painting.  I DIY-ed the main elements in my home office.  Here are links to some tricks that I utilized myself:

-What would be a dream collaboration for you? 

I would absolutely LOVE to collaborate with Sarah Richardson or Amy Atlas.  Sarah Richardson is my all-time favorite interior designer.  I so admire her fearlessness when it comes to mixing colors, patterns, old treasures, and new finds.  Her interiors are completely gorgeous and unique and no matter what, she manages to make them homey and livable.  Sarah balances functionality and aesthetics flawlessly in all of her spaces.  She's also an advocate for repurposing vintage flea market and auction finds which is one of the elements that allows her designs to feel approachable and not too "precious."  Amy Atlas really put stylized dessert tables on the map and she paved the way for party planners, stylists, and bakers alike to design both sweet and beautiful creations.  Her original dessert bars are always distinctive, inspiring, and perfectly tailored to each event.  What a dream to collaborate with either of these incredible women! 
Be sure to check out here blog for even more amazing desserts, home interiors, and events! Enjoy and beware...her site is addicting! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your sweet friend with us! Incredible work she does, I'm really excited to begin following her. Happy Weekend!

    xo, Kylie Rae

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