Thursday, September 5, 2013

Remembering Our Wedding

Today I celebrate my FOUR YEAR wedding anniversary! I can't even believe it!  It seems like just yesterday Dave and I met at SMU ( in reality it was almost 9 years ago!).  We didn't start dating until our senior year, but once we did, we knew we had something special!

Its not often I whip out our wedding photo album, but when our anniversary comes around I always love to reminisce about our magical day!  It truly was such a great time celebrating with our family and friends!  I remember how nervous I was- not about the actual wedding, but about the horrible wildfires that were literally burning down the mountains behind our reception site.  The day before the wedding, ash was "raining" from the was like a scene from Dante's Peak (yes I made that reference).  Our wedding planner told us we might have to move the reception indoors, which in my mind would have "ruined" everything! Luckily for us, the ash stopped falling the day of the wedding, and we were able to keep it outside! 

I have SO many amazing pictures on my computer, but I thought I would post a few of my favorites! Our wedding photographer, Greg Bumatay, was incredible! I love how he is able to really capture the "feel" of the wedding.  His pictures have such a photo-journalistic style, which is why we chose him!

We also had the BEST florist/wedding planner- Trisha! She was so sweet and really transformed the venue into a Tuscan villa! 

Venue: The Athenaeum

Wedding Planning/Special Event Design:  Trisha Haner at Hidden Garden

Photographer: Greg Bumatay

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  1. Hey!! We have the same anniversary :) We celebrated 3 years (8 years together total) a year behind exactly!!

    Really enjoyed these had a STUNNING cake, and the reception was beyond gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these special moments with us :)

    Veloria in Velvet

  2. What a lovely wedding and the venue was stunning! And the cake I love it!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  3. You looked so beautiful!!!
    Just found your blog!
    So glad I came across! I am now following you via gfc & bloglovin!
    Looking forward to keeping up!!


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