Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crazy for Coral!

Happy September 1st! I just love this month for SOOO many reasons.  First, I love the fact that the weather is (hopefully) starting to cool down!  I bought a few pairs of boots this summer during the Nordstrom sale and I cannot wait to put them to good use!  Second, September is the month of celebrations.  Now, I know you probably aren't going to believe me, but I am going to tell you ALL of the things I celebrate in September...
Our wedding anniversary (4 years on the 5th), Dave's Birthday, my Birthday, my parents wedding anniversary, Dave's parents wedding anniversary,and three girlfriends' Birthdays!  Dave and I joke that when we have a kid, he/she will probably be born in September! Needless to say, September is a very busy month for us!
Now...back to the fashion! ha-ha!  Even though it is still so hot and humid, the rain last night brought about a tiny cold front!  You know what that means....BOOT TIME!!!!  I love the color of these boots and the price is unbeatable!  I also love the look of tan with coral and turquoise!  It kind of gives me a southwestern feel!  The jeans I am wearing are my new FAVORITE skinny jean! When my mother-in-law came to visit me in Minnesota this summer, we went on a shopping trip and she got me two pairs! The fit is great, the color is ideal, and they are so comfy!

I usually don't wear a TON of silver jewelry, but I do have a few pieces a LOVE!  These include an old (vintage as I call it) tiffany charm bracelet, a Yurman link bracelet and this awesome cross ring my sister-in-law give me one Christmas (which is a mix of silver, gold, and diamonds-oh my!).
However, what is extra special about the Tiffany bracelet is that it is not like the typical Tiffany heart...mine is a giant oversized version!  The date etched in the back is 9.25.02 which means I received it as a Sweet Sixteen birthday gift!  I can't believe I have had it for almost 11 years!  I tried seeing if they still sell the oversized version, but it looks like it was only sold for a limited time!  You can find it pre-owned (obviously) on ebay of you are into it!

P.S. If this shirt looks familiar it is because its the shirt version of the baby blue dress I wore to the baby shower! Once I find something I like, I can't help but find similar items!

What I'm Wearing: bow blouse// jeans// I got the necklace at Charming Charlie, but here are some similar styles here//here// here (love this one!!!)  My boots are old, but similar here// here// bag// sunglasses


  1. I'm sorry can the boots be old if you bought them this summer? Why wouldn't you just tell us the name and brand if they were bought as recently as this summer? If that's the case, they are definitely still available somewhere.

    1. Sorry for the confusion! These boots were actually NOT purchased this summer...they are about 2 years old ( I just felt like wearing them). I tried tracking them down online, but they just don't make them anymore! I did buy some this summer though that I will be posting the details about!

  2. Loving this color on you! And coral and turquoise is one of my favorite color combos :) Great boots too!

    Veloria in Velvet

    1. THANKS VELORIA! I love love your blog- you have amazing style!!!