Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break

Spring Break came and went like a flash!  Being back in school reminds you how great it is to actually get an extended period of time off, and luckily for me I can do my job ANYWHERE!  Our Spring Break began with a trip, out west, to see my parents in California! The first few days the weather was pretty crummy (rain and clouds) but the one GREAT thing about the weather was that we decided to go to Disneyland! My sister Maddy (pictured upper left corner), Dave and I couldn't have picked a better day! The longest we waited in line was 5 minutes! COMPLETELY unheard of!  

We spent the remainder of the week eating at all of my favorite places, shopping, getting my nails/hair done, and of course going to sporting events! On friday we went to the Raptors/Lakers game with my ENTIRE family to celebrate Kristin's (pictured bottom right) 33rd Birthday! The rest of the trip was spent relaxing!

On Wednesday, we fly to Chicago for the Big Ten Tournament and to visit Dave's parents! We got to hang out with our fellow IU friends, Stefanie and Parker (pictured bottom left) and celebrate St. Patty's Day in Chicago!  While there, we ate at The Girl & The Goat and tasted an array of crazy and bizarre foods-all which were GREAT! 

All in all it was an amazing Spring Break! Of course it FLEW by, and we wish we were back in Cali where the weather is 80 degrees and the sun is ALWAYS shining, but Bloomington will have to do for now! 
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