Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring into Snow

Well, just as I thought the weather was warming up, we were blessed with a beautiful snowstorm!  It was actually only about 3-4 inches, but for a Cali girl, it seemed like a blizzard!  Most of the snow is already melting away this morning, but the weather has dropped significantly!   That's the funny thing about living in Indiana; one day its 60 degrees and sunny, and overnight it drops to 20 degrees and is snowing!  

Even though I wanted to stay inside and lounge in my pajamas all day, I thought I should pull myself together and get ready for the day.  While my "To Do" list isn't extremely long, there are a few things I need to get done before I take my FIRST Zumba class tonight! I really don't know what I am getting myself into, but I am sick and tired of being cooped up inside due to the terrible weather! Anyway, my friend Julie convinced me to go with her, and we have somehow convinced our other friend Jessica to join us!  All I know is  that I hope I can keep the laughter in, and my feet from getting tangled in each other! Wish me luck as I get my Zumba on! P.S. we have a bet that at least one Pitbull song will be played! Dale! 

What I'm wearing:Pink J Crew Coat (sold out)// BEST JEANS and on Sale! jeans // boots // Tory Burch Satchel //sunglasses //  Stripe shirt H&M (old) similar // button down similar // necklace Stella & Dot- tons of cute stuff here // rose gold watch

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