Monday, June 10, 2013

Wedding Time!

here are a few SMU girls at the Bridesmaids' Luncheon.  Like how we are dressed? click below! From left to right:
These are the Marquita Masterson earrings! Masterson started her jewelry line in Houston in 1984, where it is still made today. The jewelry is set in sterling silver, and each piece is hand cut and set with Pate de Verre, slumped or dripped glass so that no two are exactly alike. She often uses recycled bottles, which are melted and made into this wonderful, collectible and very wearable jewelry.     
EC gave us monogram fishing shirts to get ready in- SO CUTE!
EC had all of our dresses tied with these beautiful blue ribbons and labeled with our name! 
Here I am with the bride! As you can see she was absolutely radiant! Her wedding dress was classic and elegant, just like her! She wore her Great Grandmother's emerald and diamond jewelry, which really gave her dress a vintage/romantic feel!

I  know this is a horrible picture (taken on my iPhone) but it was the only one I have of all the maids before my camera died! Bummer I know.  Luckily my group of friends is like the paparazzi and I am sure they will have LOTS of pics!  Clearly Austin (far left) and I are the "black sheep" of the group- the only two with dark brown hair!  Multiple people commented on our hair color throughout the night ha!

Hello there!
Just as I thought I was finally in one place, I am on the move again! This weekend I flew to Houston to attend one of my best friend's (Emily Catherine) wedding.  EC and I went to SMU together and we were both KKG's together!  The weekend was a whirlwind of events!  Thursday night was kicked off with a "Texas" themed welcome party that, unfortunately, Dave and I missed due to our flight!  Friday we attended an amazing Bridesmaids luncheon, at the Houston Country Club, where EC surprised us with gorgeous Marquita Masterson earrings as a gift (see picture below).  Following the luncheon was the rehearsal dinner at Brennans which was absolutely terrific!  Saturday was of course the wedding, and we spent the day getting our hair and makeup done, watching classic wedding movies like Father of the Bride, and gawking over the gorgeous bride.

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery during the "getting ready", so I didn't get any great shots of the bridesmaids together in our dresses! Luckily, after the ceremony, I met up with Dave and he brought the camera from the hotel!  I was able to charge it and get pictures at the reception! I hope you enjoy the pictures and can get a feel for the splendor that was Emily Catherine and Ben's wedding!
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  1. so fun! What a gorgeous wedding, y'all all look so gorgeous and didn't even know she was pregnant!! Emily Catherine's wedding was stunning!