Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Corporate Housing Mini-Makeover!

As some of you know, Dave is working at Target's corporate headquarters this summer.  So that meant a move to Minneapolis, MN!  Target provides its interns with fully furnished housing for the summer, which is really great!  All Dave and I had to do was pack our clothes and move in!

However, in the packing process, I really didn't even think about the personal items I should bring to make the place feel more like home.  For whatever reason, I was thinking corporate housing would be more like a hotel- pictures on the walls, movie channels, plush robes and slippers (you get the picture).  But in reality, it is more like glorified dorm living.  Don't get me wrong- I am not trying to sound ungrateful! But when you have an idea in your mind and you build it up to be something amazing, and then it isn't what your fabulous mind created, you will always be disappointed- I call this the "female dilemma"

Anyway, the place definitely comes with the essentials, and it is located in a great part of town- literally 3 walking blocks from the Target offices.  We are also across the street from some great restaraunts and entertainment (I can't wait to try the Butcher & The Boar) and CVS is right below us (I love drug store shopping).  Also, the living room furniture is VERY comfortable- Dave is really excited about the
Lay Z Boy (an item prohibited from our current living room and deemed suitable for "man cave only")

So with all that said,  The first thing I decided to do was re-arrange the furniture to give the space a more open feeling.  I hate walking into a room to the back of giant chair! Then I took a little trip to my old friend IKEA!  Of course, I didn't want to break the bank, considering we will only be living here for 10 weeks, but I did feel it necessary to add some touches that didn't make the place seem so "corporate."  The biggest "need" on my list was a DESK!! How am I supposed to keep this blog going with out a place to work! I actually find it kind of ironic that corporate housing wouldn't have a place to do work! ha- ha

The Shopping List 
LINMON Desk top                             $10.99
ADILS Desk legs                                $3.50 x 4
MARIT Table runner                          $6.99
KORT Butterfly art card (5 pack)         $5.00
VARLIKT Lilac candy dish                 $4.99
SOARE Water hyacinth place mat        $3.99 x 2
POLARVIDE Purple throw                  $3.99
DOKUMENT pencil cup 2-pack           $2.99
NYTTJA Frame, white :                       $1.99

Grand Total:                                        $58.92   

I really wanted to keep my spending to under $50.00, but I was $8.92 over budget! 
I hope you all enjoyed my design makeover for under $60.00 I would like to say I am done with the decorating, but I still need a full length mirror! ;) Oh P.S. if you like those geometric file folders they are from Target (had to represent) here! Also, the beautiful glass jar candle is here- they come in all sorts of jar styles- I happen to LOVE the mercury glass! 

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  1. Wow how cool is that? And love how you spruced it up!!

  2. It's amazing how those little touches make such a big difference! I've definitely noticed that for my dorm as well!



  3. I used stay in furnished apartments in Raleigh NC for my business trips and I never thought to decorate! I really like what you did to make staying in corporate housing feel like home. The apartments I've stayed in are well furnished but I always felt like something was missing. Next trip I take I'm going to have to stop at Target!

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