Friday, August 23, 2013

Summertime Blues

Hello again...I am back from the "dead"!  I honestly didn't realize how long it had been since my last post until I started getting texts and messages from my friends saying "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BLOG?!"  I should probably start off by saying that I spent the summer in Minneapolis, where Dave had an internship at Target (our new favorite store BTW!)  During the MBA "school year" Dave's schedule is much more flexible, so we have a lot of time for my pictures! However, the summer schedule was so hectic, there was always some factor getting in the way of the blog! But fear not...the blog is BACK (upon our arrival in Bloomington!)

Now that I got THAT off my chest, last night Dave and I went to meet some friends for dinner at Upland Brewery!  It is still SOOO hot in Indiana, so I thought I would wear my white shorts and a breezy blouse!  College towns are SO casual, that sometimes I feel silly dressing up for dinner (very different from my days @ SMU!).  Anyway, my favorite part of this outfit is my glitter sandals! They were SUCH a steal!!  They retail for around $16.99, but with my Target RedCard and Dave's "employee discount" I got them for $11.00! You honestly can't beat that! Not to mention they are an almost identical replica of the Vera Wang!!  On a side note, I am kind of obsessed with this "door knocker" Bulgari purse as I call it! Its a really cool grey/green/blue/silver metallic that really pics up the color of whatever you are wearing! The hardware is rose gold (which I am obsessed with). Even though it is a few seasons old, I like bringing it back!  Its not available "new" but you can always look around online!

What I'm Wearing: On Sale- J Crew shorts// teal top similar and CHEAP-here// Bulgari Bag//

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  1. Wahoo, so glad to see you back! How fun for you both to have luxuries of a Target discount for the summer!

    xx, Kylie Rae

    1. OH GIRL! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! We did some serious damage with that discount! Ha-ha!