Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Recent Beauty Purchases!

The other day I was on the hunt for a new concealer, and I ended up with a few more fabulous products I thought I would share with you!  From left to right:

This Lip Butter from Nivea is truly delicious.  I picked it up as an "impulse buy" and I am glad I did! The scent is divine- think frosted vanilla cupcakes fresh out of the oven! It is soooo smooth and silky too! and at $2.99 its a real steal!

This Tarte Concealer is AMAZING! I got the color light/medium and it is  FULL coverage (perfect for under eye darkness).  I am always looking for a good heavy duty concealer for my under eyes.  Ever since I was a kid, I have always had dark purple circles-UNFAIR! I really like this particular concealer because it contains vitamin C and Maracuja oil which helps soothe the eyes.

As you all know I have been doing a TON of traveling, and unfortunately it is reeking havoc on my skin!  I have some broken out areas and I really wanted to invest in a hight quality acne treatment.  After doing lots of research I settled with La Roche Possay's Effaclar Duo.  Effaclar DUO by La Roche Posay is a dual-action, daily treatment for moderate to severe acne-prone skin. Mixed blackheads and whiteheads with inflamed breakouts. Clinically proven to reduce acne as effectively as the leading acne prescription.  I will let you know how it works- I have HIGH HOPES!

Last, but not least, is Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean dual action cleanser.  I have been using Estee Lauder perfectly clean (face wash) for years now.  However, it was recently discontinued and replaced with this 2 in 1! When I went to the counter and they told me it was discontinued, I nearly had a heart attack.  This is seriously the only cleanser that doesn't make my skin break out, and I was FREAKING OUT!  Anyway, the sales lady suggested the "replacement" and I thought I would give it a go.  The scent is different from the original, but the texture seems about the same.  It does a great job at removing ALL of my makeup and I can also use it as a mask- I guess that is cool? ha-ha the verdict is still out! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing some of your recent beauty purchases, I love learning about new products and what works/doesn't for everyone! Did you happen to get the Tarte Concealer at a drugstore?

    Hoping your new cleanser is even better than your last :)

    xo, Kylie Rae
    Shimmer Me Pretty

    1. Hey girl! I got the Tarte Concealer @ Ulta! I think Sephora has it too! Its been pretty awesome! I have only been using the Roche Possay cream for 2 nights now and my skin is DRASTICALLY better! If I wasn't so self conscious I would do a before and after lol Hope that helps :)